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Fifth Image Festival opens

Sunday, April 3, 2016

A number of acclaimed photographers from all over the world are taking part in the “Future” themed, fifth edition of the Image Festival, which opened Friday.

Organised by Darat Al Tasweer this year, the festival used to be held by both the local photography centre and Institut Français in Jordan, according to the director of the institute, Stéphane Delaporte.

“We think there are many talented Jordanians in the field of photography and we have to support them,” he told The Jordan Times during the opening of the festival, which started with showcasing the works of renowned French photographer Josef Koudelka.

“Tonight we will have the works of one of the most talented photographers in Paris, Josef Koudelka, showcasing the Roman civilisation in the Mediterranean area, and this festival is really important for local photographers to have a look at the photography work done abroad,” he added.

Linda Khoury, the founder of Darat Al Tasweer, said the new aspect of this year’s festival is that it is organised solely by the Jordanian centre.

“In the past, it was organised by both Institut Français and the Darat, so the exchange was done mainly between Jordan and France. This year, the festival has diverse photographers,” she told The Jordan Times during the ceremony, which included a performance by Jordanian musician Tareq Al Nasser.

Photographers from countries including France, the US, Brazil, Lebanon and Egypt are going to display their work in 16 exhibitions all over the capital as part of the festival.

Commenting on its theme, Khoury said: “Future is the theme of the festival from the perspective of the photographers — how they think about it and whether positively or negatively. We usually think about the future in all its aspects.”

The photographer said the festival will provide local armature photographers with an insight into the expertise and techniques of the participating photographers, noting that the festival’s programme also includes lectures.

She said organisers were lucky that the Ministry of Tourism approved their request to have the works of Koudelka displayed at the archaeological site of the Amman Citadel for the first time in the capital.

“They agreed because Koudelka’s works are about archaeological sites and it was a good connection,” Khoury said, adding that the festival will wrap up on April 30.

Amjad Fayoumi, who attended the opening, said the festival provides photographers with a good opportunity to present their work and it also offers photography fans the chance to attend a wide range of events.

“I have noticed that the festival has created a community for photographers whom always attend its activities and help boost their knowledge and background,” he added.

Information on the festival’s activities is available on its Facebook page Image Festival - Amman.

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