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Jordan Catalog

Things to do this weekend in Amman

1) Step one is to check out the BeAmman Calendar! – There are lots of events going on in Amman. Do something unusual, try something new.

2) Go biking, rent a bike from one of these spots:

- Cycling Jordan:

- Nader Bikes:

- Bike Rush:

and head out to different areas in or out of Amman to bike. Dabouk, Fuhais, Mahis, The King Hussain Park are some examples.

* Be safe, try to stay out of traffic - Jordanian drivers are not used to bikers * 

3) Go Hiking, the weather is great and spring is almost here! Head out to Ghabat Wasfi Al Tal, Ajloun, Pella, Ghamadan Park, Fuhais, Iraq Al Amir.

4) Try a new street food cart or a new restaurant – go downtown or to Jabal Al Luweibdeh, there are so many small hidden holes in the wall.. Find a new place & tell us about it.

5) Go Picnicking ! There are so many places with beautiful nature around Amman… Tal Al Rumman, Ghamadan, Dead Sea Road, Dabouk, Wadi Al Shita, Sad Al Malek Talal (King Talal Dam), Mahis – Grab your basket, friends, family & go!

6) Try a new hobby, fly a kite, go running, draw outdoors, take photos, learn 'Kash 7amam' or maybe write content for BeAmman ;)

7) Discover the stairs of Amman- do you know all the stairs of Amman that lead to different areas and mountains? We guarantee you don’t! Discover them & tell us about them.

8) Buy groceries, home-made dairy products or other natural products from outside the city. If head North or South of Amman you’re bound to find so many farmers selling produce on side of the road or small shops selling products made in Jordan.

9) Help the less fortunate - donate books, clothing or food. Do it yourself or through an NGO. Teach your kids the importance of this.

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Today, March 20,2018

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