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9 Days Adventure Every Saturday

  •    9 Days
  •   2 Pax Min
  • Tour ID: 9453

► Enjoy the second wonder of the world; Petra, The Red Rose City, the one and the only
► Visit the little Petra which is a miniature of Petra main site
► Explore the moon alike desert of Wadi Rum
► Enjoy hiking in the lowest reserve on earth at Mujib Valley
► Enjoy Dana reserve the biggest reserve in Jordan along with its fascinating hikes
► Enjoy unique hiking trails of southern Jordan for 3 consecutive days
► Drive through Kings Way to Petra passing by Madaba; the city of mosaic
► Pass by Mt. Nebo; the believed burial place of Moses

Day 1: Queen Alia International Airport - Dead Sea Hotel Overnight
Meet and assist at Queen Alia International Airport by J&B staff. Transfer to your next destination. Overnight in Dead Sea Hotel
Day 2: Dead Sea Hotel - Mujib Biosphere Reserve (2 Hours) - Dana Biosphere Reserve (2 Hours) - Dana Hotel Overnight
Breakfast in Dead Sea Hotel Mujib Biosphere Reserve - is the lowest nature reserve in the world, near the east coast of the Dead Sea. The Reserve is located within the deep Wadi Mujib gorge, which enters the Dead Sea at 410m below sea level. The Reserve extends to the Karak and Madaba mountains to the north and south, reaching 900 meters above sea level in some places. This 1,300m variation in elevation is the only place where you can climb a cliff mountain while you are “under sea level”! if you are lucky you will see the unique goat “horned Ibex” . Dana Biosphere Reserve - is an area of staggering beauty, history, and biodiversity. The only reserve in Jordan that encompasses the four different bio-geographical zones of the country (Mediterranean, Irano-Turanian, Saharo-Arabian and Sudanian), it is a melting pot of species from Europe, Africa and Asia. Such a combination of natural communities in a single area is unique in Jordan and many of Dana Biosphere Reserve’s animals and plants are very rare. So far, a total of 800 plant species and 449 animal species have been recorded in the Reserve, of which 25 are known to be endangered, including the Sand Cat, the Syrian Wolf, the Lesser Kestrel and the Spiny Tailed Lizard. Overnight in Dana hotel
Day 3: Dana Hotel - Dana To Feynan Hiking Day (6 Hours)
Breakfast in Dana hotel Hike from Dana Village to feynan Valley for 5-6 hours. After breakfast at the hotel in Dana Nature Reserve, you say goodbye to the staff at the hotel and be provided with lunch box and mineral water. As with the reminder of your trek, you’ll only need to carry your day sack with you today (your main luggage will be transported to your next overnight stop for you.) Don’t forget your camera! Descending initially on a broad track, your trek follows the bed of Wadi Dana which begins as a narrow canyon with high rock walls. In spring, oleander bushes bring a splash of color to the Wadi and springs at Qussay and Atta help to support vegetation all year round, including stands of bamboo and autumn crocuses. On your trekking, you may see what will become a common sight whilst in Jordan, a small herd of goats accompanied by their Bedouin herder. However, for the most part you’re likely to have the trail to yourselves. You’ll have a break for lunch in a shady spot along the way, before continuing on to leave Dana to reach the edge of Wadi Araba. Your overnight camp is just a short walk away. There is no ascent on today's trek. Overnight Wadi Feynan Mobile Camp
Day 4: Feynan - Ras El Feid Hiking - Ghbour Al Whaidat (Full Day)
Breakfast in your camp Today begins with the group to be shuttled to Ras El Feid for hour and a half, so you’ll probably make an early start to complete this before the warmest part of the day. As you gain height you may be able to make out Dana village on the far horizon behind you. After around 300m/984ft of ascent you reach a broad ridge that provides an excellent viewpoint of the surrounding wadis and mountains. Far below you lies the head of Wadi Abu Al Sakakin; beyond the striking peak of Abu Mahmoud and the Kutleh and Hudus valleys. Following the line of the broad ridge you’ll traverse above the network of steep gullies and deep wadis. After a couple of hours walking, you reach the ruins of an abandoned village sited next to a deep well from which water can still be drawn. You’ll take lunch either here or a short distance further on, beneath one of the juniper trees that dot the landscape. In early afternoon, you’ll begin to descend from the high ground through a landscape of sandstone cliffs and outcrops to reach your overnight campsite at Qbour Al Wehedat. Today’s trek has a total ascent of around 420m/1,378ft. Overnight in your mobile camp
Day 5: Ghbour Al Whaidat - Beida (Al Muaisrah) Full Day
Breakfast in your mobile camp After some excellent high mountain and desert trekking, a day of further contrasts lies ahead today. Leaving your camp you gradually ascend to reach a broad open valley, irrigated by water from a nearby recycling plant. The land here has been divided up by a number of Bedouin families and a wide variety of crops are carefully tended, including feed for livestock, root vegetables, olives, lemons and pomegranates. Following paths and tracks through farmed land you reach a second broad valley, home to a number of Bedouin families and their camels and goats. A gradual ascent along a rough track leads you beyond the settlements to the summit of Jebel Garoun at 1170m/3,839ft. This peak is named after a former treasurer to the Egyptian Pharoahs. Although modest in height the summit here gives a dramatic view of Wadi Araba and all the way northwards to the high pass on Mount Sakakin, crossed earlier in your trek. To the south you can see the summit of Mount Aroun, which stands above Petra beyond. Turning now towards Petra, you continue across the valley floor to reach a large sandstone outcrop. In amongst the cliffs and rocks here lies Siq Al-Barid – more commonly known as Little Petra. Following a sandy trail up and over occasional boulders, you’ll finally reach the foot of a steep narrow gully. A short easy clamber up this gully and then a descent of rock cut steps brings you directly into Little Petra - an enclosed area with a series of rooms, tombs, water channels and cisterns, cut deep into the walls of a canyon. Little Petra is just 350m/1148ft long but it's well worth taking some time to explore. A number of the chambers are readily accessible and inside one you can see the remains of painted frescoes dating to the 1st Century AD. At the height of caravan trade in this region, Siq Al-Barid was a busy caravanserai (overnight halt). Camels could graze outside the Siq, whilst inside the chambers were used for storing the treasured goods and for eating, entertainment and sleeping. You’ve entered the Siq via the ‘backdoor’ but will exit through the narrow main entrance (a cleft in the rocks) to reach your nearby overnight stop at the Maeserah Mobile Camp.
Day 6: Beida (Al Muaisrah) - Petra Visit - Wadi Rum Camp Overnight
From the Maeserah Mobile Camp, it’s a short walk to the Neolithic site of Baidha. Alongside Jericho, this is thought to be the oldest inhabited site in the entire Middle East. Originally excavated in 1958, archaeologists now believe the ruins date back 7,000 BC. Your onward route into Petra lies alongside Baidha and you head off, having had a foretaste of the historic treasures to come. The path is good throughout, following a series of rocky ledges through the mountains, you may even see occasional red painted waymarks. As you near the main Petra site, you’ll catch sight of the occasional rock tomb or dwelling, seemingly inaccessible in the high cliffs. Two to three hours after leaving Baidha you’ll breast a small rise and suddenly before you stands al-Deir, the ‘Monastery’. This giant, beautifully carved facade is Petra’s largest monument and is thought to have either been a temple, or a tomb for one of the later Nabatean kings. Inside is one large, plain, undecorated chamber but it is worth clambering over the large step, if only to have your picture taken on the threshold of the most unusual doorways you’re likely to stand in. Across from the Monastery you can rest awhile in the shade of a cave from where Bedouin tea and cold drinks are served. Probably less than half of Petra’s visitors actually see the Monastery and the reason for this becomes apparent, as you watch those toiling up the 900 rock cut steps which lead you down into the main site proper. As you descend the sheer scale of Petra becomes apparent. Away in the distance you’ll see the Royal Tombs, a row of mausoleum including: Urn Tomb, fronted by an impressive colonnade; Silk Tomb, so named because of its multicolored sandstone walls; and the large Palace Tomb. At the foot of the steps it’s a short walk to Qasr al-Bint al Pharaun (a temple to Dushara – a Nabatean deity) and then on to the Colonnaded Street, a paved Roman road. On a slight rise above the street lies a recently excavated Byzantine Church, with a wonderfully well-preserved mosaic floor. Slightly higher again a small mound gives a great panoramic view of the whole site. Having visited the major sites of the western part of Petra, you take a track from the Temple of the Winged Lions, up out of the site. Along the way you’ll pass many rock tombs and dwellings, unseen by most visitors, and finally exit the site throughout the main entrance then transferred to Wadi Rum. . The Tonight you’ll stay in Wadi Rum.
Day 7: Wadi Rum Camp - Wadi Rum Hiking Day (4 Hours) - Camel Ride (1 Hour) - Wadi Rum Camp Overnight
Breakfast in Wadi Rum Camp Start fresh in the morning and enjoy our hike of the day in the moon a like of Wadi Rum: Our hikes will take you to some of Wadi Rum’s best-kept secrets and least-visited sites in addition to its top attractions. Easy to Moderate. Distance: 8 km X 4 Hours hike. Reasonable level of fitness. Ending hike and meet your camels and ejoy riding the Bedouin's life style camel riding amongst spectacular desert elements of Wadi Rum, go back in date to old times when Bedouins used to ride camel in their travelling and wondering in the desert. Overnight in Wadi Rum camp
Day 8: Wadi Rum Camp - Madaba (St. George Church & Mosaic Map) - Mount Nebo - Amman Panoramic Tour (No Entrance) - Amman Hotel Overnight
Breakfast in Wadi Rum Camp Madaba (St. George Church & Mosaic Map) - The mosaic-filled city of Madaba is just 30 minutes south of Amman on the Kings Highway. The major highlight is the Greek Orthodox Basilica of St. George or the Church of the Map that portrays the old Holly Land with 2 Million pieces of mosaic, a huge well -preserved work of art comprises a map of the entire region of Jordan and Palestine in the north, to Egypt in the south. Madaba in present time is famous with its Mosaic Schools and hand-woven rugs Mount Nebo - Moses Mountain, situated 10 kilometers west of Madaba, overlooking the Jordan Valley, Dead Sea, West Bank and Jerusalem, where believed the alleged sites of the tomb of Moses. The major highlight is the Byzantine Church built by the 4th century to memorial Prophet Moses death, and the spot where Moses view the “Land of Canaan” the Holy Land that he would not enter… Amman Panoramic Tour (No Entrance) - This is a short tour of Amman onboard your vehicle in order to see the main attraction of the city like the citadel mount from a distance, pass by the down town and drive through the new parts of Amman (without stopping) Overnight in Amman Hotel
Day 9: Amman Hotel - Queen Alia International Airport
Breakfast in Amman Hotel Transfer to Amman Airport for departure Meet and assist at Queen Alia International Airport by J&B staff. Transfer to your next destination.
Hotels (or Similar) Nights City Category
Dead Sea Holiday Inn 1 Dead Sea 5*
Dana Guest House 2 Dana G.H
Wilderness Camping 3 Southern Jordan Mobile Camp
Wilderness Camping 4 Southern Jordan Mobile Camp
Wilderness Camping 5 Southern Jordan Mobile Camp
Wadi Rum Mazayen Luxury Camp 6 Wadi Rum CAMP
Wadi Rum Mazayen Luxury Camp 7 Wadi Rum CAMP
Amman Signature Hotel 8 Amman 4*

Transportation as per itinerary
Hotel accommodation with daily breakfasts, 8 dinners, 3 hiking lunches, & 3 regular lunches & 1 lunch box in Wadi Rum
Private English speaking hiking guide through tours plus some local hiking guides in certain places
Hiking in Mujib Valley X 1 time, Dana X 1 time & 3 days consecutive hiking Dana - Feynan - Petra & Wadi Rum hike X 1 time with supporting bedouin vehicle
Camping gear for all 3 days (3-4-5): Luggage shuttle service, Shuttle Services where needed, Lunch box ( Each contains 9 items), Mineral water, Five Star Breakfasts, Dinners (Open buffet of two hot dishes, 6 types of salads, soup and fruit), Tents for overnight (each tent has a mattress, pillow and blanket or sleeping bag), Kitchen tent to ensure food hygiene and safety, Mobile Toilet, Mobile washing basin, Bedouin man with donkey
New Year Eve Dinner where obligatory
Visas: Check visas requirements through: Know about your passport's eligibility through: Visas Regulations:
Departure tax: Included in the air ticket via Amman Airport at present
Drinks any not mentioned meals, personal items, insurances, carriages in Petra, air tickets & any not mentioned item

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