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Jordan Borders


Below Borders opening - Closure times are the regular ones. They operate differently in those days under COVID-19 situation, to know more about this, please visit: https://jordanandbeyond.com/single/covid

  • Jordan has 2 international airports (Amman & Aqaba), 1 sea port (Aqaba Port) and 9 land borders (3 with Israel / 3 with Saudi Arabia / 1 with Iraq & 2 with Syria).
  • Airports: Queen Alia International Airport (Amman Airport), located at 30 km south of Amman city that takes around 40 minutes driving.
  • King Hussein International Airport (Aqaba Airport), located at 10 km north of Aqaba city that takes around 20 minutes driving.
Jordan - Israel Borders (*): 
  • North Border: Jordan Valley Border (Sheikh Hussein Border):
    • Connecting north parts of the two countries. 
    • Opening hours: 8 am - 6 pm all days of the week except the Jewish and Muslim holidays 
  • Middle: King Hussein Border (Allenby Bridge)
    • Connecting Amman in Jordan with Jerusalem & Tel Aviv in Israel
    •  Opening hours: all days of the week:
      • Sun - Thu: 8 am - 9 pm 
      • Fri - Sat: 8 am - 10:30 am only, thus travelers using this border must take this opening window in their consideration
  • South: Southern Border (Arava Border or Yitzhak Rabin Border)
    • Connecting south parts of Eilat in Israel with Aqaba in Jordan
    • Opening hours: 8 am - 6 pm all days of the week except the Jewish and Muslim holidays

Jordan - Syria Borders:

  • East : Jaber Borders (Nsib Border)
    • Connecting east parts of the two countries. 
    • Opening hours: 24/7 all year round
  • West: Ramtha Border (Der'aa Border))
    • Connecting west parts of the two countries. 
    • Opening hours: 24/7 all year round
Jordan - Saudi Arabia Borders:
  • West : Durrah Borders
    • Connecting Aqaba city with west parts of Saudi Arabia \Tabouk)
    • Opening hours: 24/7 all year round
  • Middle: Al Mudawarrah Border
    • Connecting Ma'an City with northern cities of Saudi Arabia like Skaka & Ar'ar
    • Opening hours: 24/7 all year round
  • Middle: Al Mudawarrah Border
    • Connecting Mafraq City of Jordan with Eastern cities of Saudi Arabia like Al Jouf
    • Opening hours: 24/7 all year round


  • J&B provides meet & assist services at all airports and borders through our borders / airports representatives 
  • All borders are furnished with banks outlets, money exchangers and some of them are setup with tax refund but not all borders offer this facility.
  • (*) Borders with Israel may be closed suddenly without prior notice for security reasons, please always check with us if you need any help


  • All visitors of Jordan need an entry visa which can be obtained on spot upon arrival to airports and borders for certain nationalities while other nationalities require advance visas that must be obtained before arrival through Jordan embassies and consulate abroad. 
  • Please refer to our Visas Regulation in our main page of our website and know more to check if your passport / nationality requires a pre-arranged visa or if it can be obtained on spot to Amman Airport and the other official borders. For those who require advanced visas, please always contact us as we can arrange visas from our side under certain conditions
  • The visa Regulations featured in our Website are meant solely as a useful tool and the data within it is subject to change without prior notice. It is recommended that you check with us prior to travel to ensure that you have all the necessary paperwork for travel. for more information, please e mail us: [email protected]
  • Visa charge is JOD 40 = $ 57 per person and can be paid on spot at airports and border cash in Jordanian dinar only, airports and borders are furnished with money exchangers and banks whereby, currencies can be converted into local currency
  • Visas issued in airports and borders are single entry visas only while double entry & multiple entry visas are issued by Jordan embassies abroad
  • Guests arriving through a designated Jordanian tour operator with a government certified tour guide are exempted from all visa charges, provided the group arrives and departs together as well as stay a minimum of 2 nights in Jordan. 2 nights does not mean / follow hotel nights but it follows dates of stamps of arrival and departure which must be 3 days / 2 nights based on stamped dates only 
  • Pro-tip: If you're eligible for visa upon arrival, consider purchasing the Jordan Pass to save money and time during your trip to Jordan! The Pass offers entry to 36 tourism attractions including Petra, Jerash and Wadi Rum and waives the visa fee, know more about Jordan Pass 
  • All passports must be valid for at least 6 months from arrival date to Jordan
  • Arriving / departing stamps while crossing through borders between Jordan and Israel are not printed on passports, instead a separate paper will be stamped and that is because many Muslim and Middle Eastern countries set difficulties for passports holding Israeli stamps or Jordanian stamps showing crossing in / out of Israel, you better notify the immigration officer while crossing not to stamp the passports just to be on the safe side.
Departure Tax


  • Jordan tax while leaving Jordan is JOD 10 = $ 15 per person that must be paid in cash in Jordanian Dinar at land borders while it is included in the air ticket fare through Jordanian airport 


Customs Regulations


  • Allowed:
    • 200 cigarettes or
    • 25 cigars or
    • 200 grammes pipe tobacco
    • 1 liter alcoholic beverages
    • 2 bottles of perfume
    • Legal personal goods up to JOD 50
    • An unlimited amount of local currency can be imported into the country providing it is not converted into foreign money when leaving the country. No limit on the amount of foreign currency that can enter the  country providing that it is declared upon arrival although Israeli currency is illegal.
    • Local currency equal to JOD 300 can be exported out of the country. Sums of foreign money equal to the amount declared when entering can freely leave the country.
  • Prohibited
    • Illegal drugs & narcotics. 
    • Knives, Weapons and ammunition 
    • Plant and plant products 
    • Fresh fruit and vegetables 
    • Meat and animal products
    • Israeli currency
    • Counterfeit money and goods
    • Pornographic material
    • Drones of all kind 
  • Restricted
    • All weapons and ammunition being imported into the country will require permission from the Ministry of the Interior/Public security directorate.
    • Fresh meat and milk products will need a permit from the Ministry of Agriculture.
    • Any fresh fruit and vegetables entering the country will need permission from Agricultural Marketing Corporation
    • All dogs and cats being imported into the country will need to be accompanied by a veterinarian health and rabies inoculation certificate. Birds can only enter the country if granted permission to do so by the Jordanian Ministry of Agriculture.

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