Petra is Jordan's most valuable treasure

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A 2,600-year-old engineering masterpiece

The history of Petra goes back to the sixth century BC, and historical research indicates that the Nabataean Arabs settled it and made it a sign of art and sculpture.

Petra, the pink city, the city of the Nabateans, names that given to the ancient city with a great history, which is characterized by a charming appearance that captivates everyone who visits it and raises their amazement and astonishment.

The most famous wonders of the world

Visitors to Petra are astonished once they enter the area; Entering its magical world is through the "Siq", an enormous rocky crack, the side of which reaches a height of more than 80 meters, of colorful rocks of various shapes.

At the end of the Siq, the visitor stands in front of an amazing spectacle that captivates hearts; Because of its charm and splendor of composition, it is called "the famous Treasury", which is an amazing art painting 43 meters high and 30 meters wide, carved in pink rock, and as soon as the sun rises on it, it reflects charming colors.

Explorers described it as a mythical palace

The history of the famous treasury extends to the first century AD, as it was designed to be the tomb of one of the most important kings of the Nabateans, and is a testament to the genius of the artist who carved this city in the rocks, and his precise engineering ability at that era.

The Treasury, with all its splendor and meticulous engraving, is the gateway to the city and the starting point for exploring Petra.

In addition to the amphitheater built in the Roman style, it can accommodate more than 3 thousand spectators, while the city has temples, places for offering sacrifices, and tiled streets lined with columns, carved in pink rock as well.

Carved in the rock and carved in memory

Petra includes one of the most interesting and beautiful sites known as the "Monastery". It is distinguished by being built on a high elevation, carved from the rock in an innovative artistic form, and it can be reached through a staircase of 800 stairs.

This historic site includes two museums; The first is Archaeological Petra, and the other is Petra al-Nabati, and they display examples of tools and artifacts discovered during search and excavation operations that took place in Petra and its surroundings from the regions, and their contents indicate the nobility of the pink rock city.

In one of Petra's sides is Mount Haroun, which is characterized by its high height and the difficulty of reaching it on foot.

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