The Dead Sea ... an icon of medical tourism in Jordan

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The lowest place on earth

The Dead Sea  with its high salinity and mineral properties, offers water that cannot be found in any other water body in the world, and many health benefits that make it a destination for curative and recreational tourism at the same time, in addition to religious tourism through its religious and historical significance that are embodied by landmarks. Archaeological and religious.

This rare site, which is considered a natural wonder, is located in the southwest of the Jordanian capital, Amman, and declines at the level of 410 meters below sea level, and is one of the most wonderful natural and spiritual sites in the world, and it continues to this day that attracts visitors from all parts of the world, as it used to attract Kings, Emperors, Merchants, and Prophets in the Past Tense.

The pleasure of medical tourism

Therapeutically, its salinity water is the main attraction for tourists and visitors, with a salinity rate of 31.5%, which is ten times the normal salinity levels in sea water, and the sea water is characterized by its buoyancy characteristic, which protects its visitors from drowning in it.

What distinguishes the waters of the Dead Sea is that its water contains 21 mineral salts, including high levels of magnesium, sodium, potassium and bromine.

Many amazing benefits

Studies have shown that the waters of the Dead Sea with the rich black mud found on its shores give it the advantage of many health benefits, including stimulating blood circulation, relieving joint pain, healing from allergies, and rejuvenating the skin.

A magic cure

The Dead Sea is of great importance in terms of tourism and treatment, as the concentration of oxygen in the air in the Dead Sea region is the highest in the world.

As the oxygen in the Dead Sea region is 18% more than anywhere else in the world

Tourist destination for treatment and relaxation

In the Dead Sea region there are several historical, archaeological and tourist attractions such as a Roman seaport in Zara, the cave of Lot, the statue of Lot’s wife,‪ and the Baptism Site Of Jesus Christ

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