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Tourism in Jordan has many ingredients that make it distinct from anywhere in the world. Despite its small size, and the fact that it is surrounded by a number of Arab countries from all sides; however, it possesses a history, civilization, and many tourist components that fuse in a modern country that adopts the methods of progress and modernity.

Be assured, dear tourist, that tourism in Jordan will make you spend a wonderful vacation in several Jordanian cities. It will amaze you with its diversity and its richness in the elements of very diverse tourism, so that you may extend your vacation to complete your enjoyment of seeing as many of these tourist places as possible.

Tourism in Amman

Amman, the capital of Jordan, is characterized by the availability of many tourist attractions. It is rich in many ancient monuments such as the Amman Citadel, the Roman Theater, and the King Abdullah Mosque, in addition to many places of entertainment and public parks.

The most important of them is King Hussein Gardens, which receives special coordination and attention according to the royal vision, so he made rare plants in it, and established many facilities such as the Cultural Village, children’s gardens, Al Hussein Mosque, and the Royal Automobile Museum, and also includes many luxury hotels, and a large number of malls There is also a museum of Jordanian antiquities, which includes archaeological collections from the Iron and Bronze Age and what followed from the ages.

Tourism in Aqaba

The city of Aqaba is one of the elements of tourism in Jordan with distinct characteristics, as it is the only outlet to Jordan on the Red Sea and is the starting point for tourists coming to Jordan by sea. With its charming beaches that allow tourists to practice all marine activities, such as swimming, diving, watching coral reefs and colorful fish, there are also places to relax and practice yoga and meditation, as well as medical tourism in specialized resorts.

The city of Aqaba is characterized by a number of tourist areas that attract tourists, whether domestic, Arab and international tourism, and the most important of these areas are the Aqaba Archaeological Museum and the Aqaba Castle.

Tourism in Petra

Petra is one of the most famous tourist areas in Jordan. This great historical city has been called by many names, which were included among the Seven Wonders of the World. Sometimes it is the pink city in relation to the color of the rocks, and sometimes the Nabateans, but the name of Petra was the most common name throughout history; The multiplicity of names has always been to express the charm and prestige of this great city, and the treasures of the ancients, including antiquities and collectibles, and a history that testifies to the greatness of this ancient civilization.

It was built or carved, more precisely, the city of Petra, in the protection of a number of chained mountains in a way that hides what is behind it, so it took an impenetrable fortress against invaders throughout the ages.

 The visitor to the city is required to pass through a very narrow corridor that almost passes the sun's rays, and then the corridor opens to the wonderful city with its distinct facades.

Tourism in Madaba

30 km from the capital Amman is the ancient city of Madaba, or as it is called the city of mosaics, because it is rich in Byzantine mosaic arts, and there are many pieces of art found in a number of churches in Madaba, such as the Church of the Apostles and the Church of the Virgin. It is the “Madaba Archaeological Park” in which mosaic paintings of birds, animals and flowers in different beautiful colors have spread, as well as depictions of daily life activities and depictions of hunting chases and hunting animals.

Mosaic art is spread in all the churches and houses of the city dating back to the fifth century AD, so it is considered one of the famous tourist attractions in Jordan.

Tourism in Jerash

Jerash is the city of a thousand pillars, and it is considered one of the most important tourist attractions in Jordan. In the past, it was known as “Jershaw” and it is a densely forested area. During the rule of the Greeks, they called it “Jerasa,” and with the Arab conquest, its name became Jerash.

Jerash is one of the cities rich in many monuments and huge temples, and it has the southern theater on which the most famous artistic and lyrical festivals of a global nature are held so far. It also has the Temple of Artemis, the path of the nymphs, the Street of Columns and Hadrian's Arch.

There is also the Husseiniyat area, which is a nature reserve for deer, and an outlet for visitors in the summer and periods of high temperatures, where the mild weather, picturesque nature and gentle breezes.


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