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The French scientific study recently published by news agencies on the use of Dead Sea mud (the lowest point on the surface of the earth located west of the Jordanian capital Amman) in the treatment of skin diseases, circulatory disorders and rheumatic diseases; It is not new to Jordan's residents and visitors, especially those who are eager for fun, or who are looking for treatment.

The study conducted by a team of French researchers and published in the French weekly " Femme Actuelle " magazine, stated that the clay contains oxygen, mineral salts and vitamins that are used in treatment. The study explained that it is enough to put the clay for fifteen minutes on the area that suffers from pain and tie it with a plastic tape to get heat that helps penetrate its components to the place of pain.

Lot's Lake

The Dead Sea, or as researchers call it ‘’Lot Lake’’ represents the lowest point on the Earth’s surface. It is characterized by its high salinity, with the concentration of salts in it reaching nine times the concentration in other seas and oceans. It is considered a rare natural phenomenon in the world. Its bottom consists of a rocky mass of salt that is believed to have been under the villages of Prophet Lot, before the eclipse mentioned in the Holy Qur’an. Especially since satellite images of the seabed showed six points believed to have been settlements and villages covered in salt.

Medical Tourism

Dead Sea mud treats acne, freckles, wrinkles, eczema, rheumatism, joint pain, muscle spasms, psoriasis, cracked feet and fungi.

Where the place to be treated is washed with soap and water and left without drying, it is also preferable to wash the face with Dead Sea soap for a short period and in a circular motion, so that the lotion is repeated for one minute, leaving the face wet with water, and a mud mask is placed on the entire face except for the eyes in small quantities, and the mask is left for a period 15-20 minutes for oily skin and only 5 minutes for dry and sensitive skin, then wash with water, and used once to twice a week as needed.

A Global Healing Center

In addition to the high percentage of salinity and minerals in the Dead Sea, the level of both pressure and oxygen is also high; which makes it one of the first destinations for treatment and recreation in history. Therefore, the World Health Organization chose it in 2011 as a global center for the treatment of many diseases such as rheumatism, joint pain and skin diseases such as psoriasis, as the natural characteristics of the region are taken advantage of without the use of any chemical drugs.

 The therapeutic importance of the Dead Sea does not depend on the mineral salts in its water or on the large number of its hot springs, but also on its clean air and healthy rays, as the concentration of oxygen in the air of the region is the highest in the world and reaches 36%, noting that the global percentage reaches 26% As for the atmospheric pressure, it ranges between 796 and 799 mm Hg, which is also the highest in the world.

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